1. Will I need to have a sign in my yard?

No. Any time you see a yard sign, we have been given permission to put it there. Most signs are placed for just one week (busy streets 2 weeks) at a time and no more than twice per year. A few people tell us to leave a sign out as long as we want. If someone mentions seeing a sign in your yard when they sign up, you get a referral credit which is usually $30. Our sign is an option, not a requirement, but we certainly appreciate any opportunity to increase awareness of our service.

2. How do you charge?

Most yards with 1-4 dogs are in the $6-10 range per cleanup. We consider number and size of dogs as well as size of the area to be patrolled and frequency of service. Please contact us today for a fast and friendly quote. You will be pleasantly surprised!

3. How do I Pay?

Most customers are now on monthly auto-pay via charge card. We’ll email a secure form that is very simple to complete.

4. Can I Prepay?

Yes, and when you do you will receive a 1 month FREE for a 12 month prepayment.

5. Is there an extra charge for the first time?

It is not uncommon that new customers have fallen behind on yard cleanup when they call us for help. If you find yourself in this situation, we are happy to help you get caught up ASAP at a very fair rate to be determined upon arrival. Please contact us with some details for an estimate.

6. Do you offer referral incentives?

Yes, you will be rewarded a generous credit toward your account for each friend you refer. Easy money just for a little bragging about the great deal you found!

7. Do the dogs need to be inside when you clean?

No, as long as they are not aggressive, we will enjoy the company of your dogs.

8. Do you work in the rain and snow?

Yes, the only weather that will interfere with our schedule is a fresh snow. 2 days after the snow falls we resume all routes as usual regardless of how much snow is still on the ground. After 2 days there is typically enough waste to find and clean up. We prefer to keep up rather than catch up. If your regular service day is missed due to snow we will cleanup as much as possible on the following scheduled visit. With Adamz K9 year-round service, your yard will not be a disaster in the spring.

9. What if I go on vacation?

If your dog(s) will be away from home for a week or more and you don’t need our services for that time, let us know before we arrive to avoid an unnecessary charge.

10. Are you insured?


11. Do you always come on the same day of the week?

Yes, this maintains consistency so you’ll know when to expect service. The only exceptions might be weeks of major holiday’s (see question #14).

12. Do you take away what you pick up?

Always. We would never leave dog waste to stink up your trash can. We are full service!

13. What if I am less than happy?

If your are ever less than pleased with the work of our poo crew, we want to know about it right away. We will return to make it right or you won’t be charged. Satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed and constructive feedback is appreciated.

14. Do you work on holidays?

During the week of any of the following holidays your service may be provided either a day before or a day after the regularly scheduled visit. With the exception of Christmas Day, our employees have the option to take these days off, but often prefer to work on schedule.  New Years Day – Memorial Day – Independence Day – Labor Day – Thanksgiving – Christmas Day