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We have been a client of Adamz since 2001 and it is awesome! We own a local business and we really love our dogs and our yard and never seem to have enough time to enjoy either one. It is so nice to have another local business we can trust to take care of our yard so we have more time to enjoy our dogs. Adamz K9 has always taken special care of us and all of our dogs. It is worth every dollar we spend, they are spectacular.

Krista and Dave Rickman
Owners – Bishop Heights True Value Hardware

Customer since March 2001


Adamz K9 has been cleaning up after my 2 dogs for many years. I have known them to be on schedule & professional. Glad to be a customer!

Lary P. Lehman
Owner – Secure Retirement Solutions LLC

Customer since March 2002


After 5 years as a client, I know that Adamz K9 simply makes life easy. By saving me time and headaches from having to take care of an extra chore, I can focus on other priorities …. and all the while my yard is spotless! Adamz K9 has always been consistent, dependable and professional. Thank you!

Jeff Dousharm
Owner – Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo Academy

Customer since July 2005


It is because of this service that we have added a member to our family! I certainly wasn’t going to do it myself, or expect my kids to do what I wasn’t willing to do. Not only is the service amazing, but the guys who come to my home every week do so respectfully. I recommend this service to all of my clients who have homes on the market for sale as well as anyone who has a dog! The only way to improve on the k9 cleanup, would be to include cat box service as well!

Karey McCauley
Realtor – Lincoln First Realty

Customer since August 2005

 Red Feather

Adamz K9 has been in my life for quite sometime now, and it’s one bill I will never cut out of my monthly budget! The Adamz crew is always dependable rain or shine and my yard is always spotless. Thanks Adamz K9 for providing this service and giving me one less thing to worry about.

Jacque Haeffner
Owner – Red Feather Photography



Our Assisted Living Facility is proud to be able to offer our residents the ability to have their pets live with them. Adamz K9 helps us be able to confidently offer this service by keeping our outdoor areas clear of waste so they remain presentable and usable by all residents.

Lisa Colbert
Director – Bickford Assisted Living and Memory Care


 Mosier Timperley Chiropractic

Adamz K9 has been a life saver!!! No more of Me trying to find a time to clean my yard. We have been a client of theirs for over 3 years. They are very efficient and work with you on whatever your needs are. Such as when we had our deck torn out and had to take the dogs in a different area. We are very pleased with their service and would recommend them to anyone. Their cost for cleaning is very economical.. and they are very particular about their work.. We are happy with their service and also a very personable company!! Thank you Adamz!!!

Dan and Sandy Mosier
Mosier / Timperly Chiropractic

Customer since March 2007


Adamz K9 really saves us valuable time allowing us to better focus on higher priorities.

Dave and Julie Catalina
Owners – Catalina Concrete, Inc.



I was embarrassed to have hired a service for this, until I was thanked by a neighbor for eliminating the farm smell. I have struggled to have a nice lawn out back and Adamz has made that possible. They do a crappy job perfectly 😉

Steve Ramos
Local Blogger

Customer since March 2008

 Cherished Images

I love this service!

Beverly Jimenez
Owner – Cherished Images by Beverly

Customer since April 2008


I have been so happy with the service that Adamz K9 Waste Clean up has provided for our family. Adam and his crew have been so helpful and nice! With 2 large dogs, we can enjoy our back yard again. It is so wonderful to know things are cleaned up for us!

Laura Ceraolo
Owner – Salon Cheveux, J Beverly Hills Concept Salon

Customer since January 2009

 Catholic Charities

I wanted to say again how much we depend on your service. It has always been very good. Thank you!

Dave Fall
Satisfied Customer – Animal Lover

Customer since March 2009

 Hearts United

You guys did a fantastic job. And the pricing is very, very reasonable. I will tell everyone I meet about your services. Thanks again.

Richard Green
Satisfied Customer – Animal Lover

Customer since March 2010


Thank you for your consistent and reliable service these past several years. We appreciate the care with which you and your staff work around our dogs and yard. Your customer service has always been excellent and responsive.

Tammy Eagle Bull, AIA, NCARB
President – Encompass Architects, p.c.


I love the job that Adamz does for our yard! I like knowing the kids can play in their own yard without the chance of stepping in ….! It is also healthier for our pets and the grass. They keep to a regular schedule and we can really depend on them.

Jennifer Haralson
Co-Owner – Cat’s Pajamas

Capital Humane Society

I have been a customer for over 5 years and it is obvious through the service that I have received that each employee of Adamz K9 prides themselves on the work that they do. Not only do they clean up immaculately, but it is extremely affordable as well. My yard has never looked better. No brown spots, less flies, it’s just totally a wonderful experience. Adam is extremely helpful whenever I have any special requests, or questions. I recommend Adamz K9 to all my friends with pets.

Paula Thomassen
Satisfied Customer – Animal Lover

Coldwell Banker

Adamz K9 is a great service; with 2 big dogs, it frees up my time and gives me peace of mind that the yard is cleaned up and ready for the family to enjoy. Very dependable and reasonable.

Stacia Heiser
Realtor – Coldwell Banker Bancwise Realty


Adamz is a great service to have when you’re short on time and don’t want to deal with picking up after your pet. They are like clockwork which allows me to keep my mowing right on schedule. For the price you pay it is a no brainer to use this great service. You will not be disappointed.

Shawn Krull
Krull Construction

Deluxe Pet and Home Sitters

I love knowing that my yard is always clean so the dogs and kids can play back there without watching where they step. It’s so nice to have one thing off my to-do list and know that it will be done on a regular schedule and done right! I’ve met several of his employees and they are all very friendly and are happy to let my dog follow them around the yard to inspect their work. They do a wonderful job and I would recommend them to anyone with pets.

Lori Tackett
Deluxe Pet & Home Sitters

Humane Society

Thorough, professional, dependable service from friendly staff–if only all businesses were run like this one! Using Adamz K9 Waste Cleanup is a great way to spend less time on chores and more time with your favorite four-legged family member!

Sara Shields
Satisfied Customer – Animal Lover

Iron Brush

Fantastic service! Everyone is very kind to my dogs and do a very exceptional service.

My Dog Buzz Says… “I love the feeling of clean grass between my paws.”

Scout Says… “Clean and organized, just how I like it.”

Zoey Says… “I love the yard, it is absolutely so totally cool, thanks to all the rocking guys at Adamz.”

Tyson Schaffert
Owner – Iron Brush Tattoo





One of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time!

Paul Schupbach
Owner – Adams Mudjacking and Footing Repair

Nebraska No Kill

Hello – The rep from your company who services my yard is awesome. He does a great job, is very personable, and my dog loves him. He always takes the time to pay attention to Scout…he is the technically the client, after all. I tell Scout “the poop guy” is here and he about breaks the door down to go see him. Just wanted to give him props – he is a great representative for Adamz..

Shelley Martin
Satisfied Customer – Animal Lover


Cosmic Cow

Quilting / Fabrics

6136 Havelock Ave

Adamz K9 crew has done a fine job at my rental properties. Very satisfied!

Rich O’Hare
Owner – Cosmic Cow

Animal Ambassadors

I have always been completely satisfied with the job done on my yard and hope to find another company similar to yours where I am moving. Thanks for everything, you are a very easy company to work with.

Liz Biehl
Satisfied Customer – Animal Lover


Seductive Ink

Seductive Ink. Tattoo

This service allows me more time to focus on what’s important to me. Adamz K9 is the best deal in town if you value your time at all. They do a crappy job just right and they’re great with our dogs too.

Josh Sherwood
Owner – Seductive Ink. Tattoo

Salt Valley Retriever

Adamz K9 is a life saver in the cold winter months with not much light left at the end of the day! Their fast reliable service lets me spend time with my dog training and hunting, rather than cleaning. Their service is dependable and they do a great job every time & never once have they left a gate open. They are also very sensitive to customer needs and if there ever is a problem, they’ll do anything in their power to make it right. Thanks again!

Mark Van Zee
President – Salt Valley Hunting Retriever Club

Brittany Rescue

Adamz… I wish you guys worked out here in my new town… your service was/is outstanding!

Frank Tentler
Satisfied Customer – American Brittany Rescue